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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Top Tip for Clients: Keep your Web Browser Up-to-date

Updating your web browser is important.  Keeping your internet browser up-to-date saves you time, keeps you and your data safer, and opens up more opportunities for how you use online technology across multiple platforms and devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone). … Continue reading

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5 Keyboard Shortcuts For Daily Use

A keyboard shortcut is a combination of keys, which pressed simultaneously, executes a particular computer function more efficiently, and without the use of a mouse.  Keyboard shortcuts are used daily by most people who use computers. Different keyboard shortcuts are … Continue reading

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5 Ways Medical Typists Can Help You

Medical typists are integral to the smooth and efficient operation of the healthcare industry.  Medical typists are transcription specialists who have a deep understanding of dictated medical language and terminology.  They respond to the specific and specialised transcription needs of … Continue reading

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