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5 Keyboard Shortcuts For Daily Use

A keyboard shortcut is a combination of keys, which pressed simultaneously, executes a particular computer function more efficiently, and without the use of a mouse.  Keyboard shortcuts are used daily by most people who use computers.

Different keyboard shortcuts are used for different purposes.  Gamers have a strong suite of keyboard shortcuts in their arsenal which help speed up their reaction times when engaging in online gaming.

Researchers use keyboard shortcuts to assist in efficient retrieval of specific information from complex, diverse and word-dense sources.

Some medical professionals program the button functions on their hand-held microphones to mimic keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts are Useful and Save Time

Keyboard shortcuts are as plentiful as they are useful.  Listed below are five useful keyboard shortcuts which I use daily.  I hope you find them useful also.


Windows: Ctrl + F

Mac: Cmd + F

This is the function that opens a Find window in most applications, or finds items in a document.

You don’t even have to type in the whole word, just the first few letters.  All words which start with the letters typed in the Find box are highlighted in the document or on the webpage.


Windows: Ctrl + S

MAC: Cmd + S

It’s self-explanatory, Ctrl + S saves your work.  If you’ve ever been the victim of an accidentally deleted file, you’ll value the importance of this little keyboard shortcut function.


Windows: Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + Y

Mac: Cmd + Z, Cmd + Shift + Z

Ctrl Z is the Undo Last Action function.  This function undoes the previous command.  To reverse the Undo command in Mac, press Command + Shift + Z to Redo.  In Windows applications just press Ctrl + Y to Redo.

In some apps you can undo and redo multiple commands.  Undoing the last five or ten commands becomes easy and accurate.


Windows: Ctrl + X

Mac: Cmd + X

Ctrl X is the Cut function and although similar in use to Undo, is extremely useful when wanting to quickly cut whole sections of a document.  Used in conjunction with Paste, the Cut function makes fast editing a breeze.

Select the paragraph or section you wish to cut.  Click Ctrl X to cut the selected section and paste it somewhere else, or simply discard it.


Windows: Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V

Mac: Cmd + C and Cmd + V

Similar to the Cut function, Ctrl C is the Copy function and Ctrl V is the Paste function.  Copy the selected item to the Clipboard and paste the contents of the Clipboard into the current document or app.

These five keyboard shortcuts are just a few of the many useful shortcuts available for daily use.  If you have some useful keyboard shortcuts you’d like to share with other Sterling Transcription clients, please add a comment.

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