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Work-life balance out of kilter? Consider becoming an online transcriptionist!

Balancing family, work, friends and community commitments can be a real juggling act – and the balance is different for different families.  Have you considered becoming an online transcriptionist?

There are many benefits to providing typing services from home; one of which is getting the right balance between family and work life.  The flexibility in setting your own work hours and days means that online transcriptionists can fit work in with family and community life, rather than the other way around.

Get Work Life Balance with Sterling Transcription


Working within the ebbs and flows of life gives transcriptionists a freedom which is often missing from nine-to-five jobs.

Commuting to and from work becomes a thing of the past; instead, transcriptionists working from home find they have more control over their time, and more time to spare.

Digital online transcription work is ideal for those who are studying, have young children or other carer responsibilities.  Anyone who wants more flexibility in the way they work will benefit from doing digital transcription.

Online transcription work involves listening to audio and typing what you hear, all from your home computer.  The content of the typing work ranges from interview transcription through to medical and legal transcription.

File transfer takes place over the internet.  Audio files are downloaded into your transcription software, and typed into a Word document or other specified template.  The completed document is then uploaded to the transcription company’s secure website.  This means that the work can be done entirely from home; there is no time wasted in receiving tapes or posting completed transcriptions back to the client.

If you are interested in becoming an online transcriptionist with Sterling Transcription click here for further information and to start the typing contractor application process.  We are currently hiring, with particular emphasis this month on Medical Transcription skills.

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