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5 Ways Medical Typists Can Help You

Medical typists are integral to the smooth and efficient operation of the healthcare industry.  Medical typists are transcription specialists who have a deep understanding of dictated medical language and terminology.  They respond to the specific and specialised transcription needs of … Continue reading

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Top 12 Tips for Professional Dictating

Whether you are a seasoned dictator or a first-timer wishing to improve your professional dictating skills, it’s worth knowing what tried and tested techniques work to create successful dictations. These top 12 tips for professional dictating listed below will assist … Continue reading

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Sterling Transcription and Dictate + Connect – a sterling dictation and transcription solution.

Sterling Transcription yesterday launched a new dictation and transcription solution which will revolutionise the way Sterling clients access and use their secure client login to upload audio files. “This new method features three main components – a Sterling Transcription client … Continue reading

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Archiving your files with Sterling Transcription – a sensible option for storing your transcripts.

It would be difficult to find a person who has never deleted something and then immediately regretted it. One slip of the mouse or mind is all it takes for a file to be gone permanently. Sure, a quick reaction … Continue reading

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