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Top Tip for Clients: Keep your Web Browser Up-to-date

Updating your web browser is important.  Keeping your internet browser up-to-date saves you time, keeps you and your data safer, and opens up more opportunities for how you use online technology across multiple platforms and devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone).

Update Your Web Browser

Running older versions of a web browser can cause problems with web pages not loading properly, and may impede safe logging on to your favourite websites.

Updating your web browser is easy, and it’s free!

To check if you are running the latest version of your browser go to your browser settings and check for updates. If you need step-by-step assistance to update to the latest version of your browser, run a Google search, “How to update my internet browser”.

Remember, updating your web browser is free, and it’s easy to do. Update yours today!

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